Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a son about his father

This documentary has been sitting in my Netflix queue for couple of months now. Last night, I decided to watch it. Alone. It just grabbed my heart from the very beginning, and it did not let go way after it ended. I am a person who cannot wait what will happen. So, I googled the movie and found out how it ends while watching it. I was so heartbroken when I found out what happened that I did not finish it. I ran upstairs, in our bedroom, and cried my way to sleep.

This is the saddest and rawest movie I've ever seen. One of the reviews stated that it is not for the weak of heart. The writer was not kidding. I eventually finished the movie with my husband. It made him cry, too.

I have some tips before watching this movie:
1. Have a box, or 2, of Kleenex.
2. It is better not to know the end of this movie.
3. It is better to watch this with someone. So, someone can relate to your sadness afterwards.

Anyway, it is not all bad. (I mean "bad" emotion like non-stop crying, feeling heartbroken, etc. This is actually a very good documentary. There were many hours of research and editing here. Kurt Keunne will be in my short list to follow from now on) It is tragic but in every tragedy there is redemption. I think I found redemption at the end. Despite the evil things that happened, love and goodness prevail. No matter what, life goes on with a purpose. It also made me realized how lucky I am to have my baby. I promised to be more patient and more attentive to him. I will never take him for granted, ever...

I will give a short synopsis: This is a documentary made by Kurt Keunne in memory of his friend Dr. Andrew Bagby who was killed violently. The suspected killer was his ex-girlfriend Shirley Turner who went back home to Canada when police begun questioning her about the murder. What complicated things was Turner got pregnant with Andrew's son at that time. She named the son, Zachary. Originally, this documentary was for Zachary to know his father. Then, it turned out to cover the custody battle between Turner and Bagby's parents, David and Kate.

This is a big time heartbreaker but thumbs up...