Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Big Jerk

This happened this morning....  I have not seen the patient or any of his family member.  I was scheduled to see this patient (for the first time) today.  It's after 9AM when I called...

Guy (I assume, a family member):  Hello.
Me:  Hello. My name is L.D.  I'm from Homecare Physical Therapy.  I'm scheduled to see Mr. JD today.  I would like to know if I could come to see him this afternoon?
Guy:  (Grumpy voice)  Scheduled to see him today?   The nurse will be here today.  You people call so much.  Everyone calls on the day of the visit instead of the night before.
Me:  I could see him another day if that would work better for you. 
Guy: (Angry voice)  Would you let me speak!?
S   I  L  E N  C  E
Me:  Go ahead..
Guy:  You need to talk to each other and not call us all the time.  We will just drop your agency and go to another agency.  What you're doing is harassment!
Me:  Oh my God! (in my brain: wow,  you're over-dramatic!)
Guy:  I would like to talk to your supervisor.  What is the number of your supervisor?
Me:  xxx-xxxx
Guy:  What is the suffix? 515?
Me:  Yes and you have to ask for...
And he hung up on me...

What an abusive jerk!   Unfortunately, my job involves dealing with these kind of people.