Friday, November 13, 2009

Our Miracle

After 5 years of trying and 4 miscarriages, we finally got our miracle baby, Benjamin. Thanks for all the love, support and prayers.

P.S. More photos to come...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

39th/40th week. Last prenatal post (hopefully)

I had my last prenatal check-up yesterday. Biophysical profile and non-stress test showed baby is doing just fine. However, despite the pressure in my pelvic floor and groin, I am not dilated yet. Nada. Zip. Not a squat. The doctor said that the baby is stuck higher in my pelvis. He estimated that the baby is now over 9 lbs. and cannot descend anymore. He could induce me and pump my vein with Pitocin but it would be a futile attempt. The best scenario with inducement is that my baby will be born with shoulder dystocia -- causing dislocated shoulder and/or fractured collar bone. It is inevitable that I would undergo C-section due to my small pelvis and gestational diabetes causing baby to be large. I did not need too much convincing. I am ready to get this boy out. The soreness in my groin is becoming too unbearable that I need assistance to initiate walking. I am scheduled to have C-section this coming Monday, Nov. 9, at 1245 PM, unless I start laboring before that.

So, I will be out of commission for few days. Thanks for all the support and sharing. You made my 9 1/2 months passed so much quicker.

Monday, November 2, 2009

39th week

Throughout my pregnancy (so far), I complained and I bitched (sorry for my French) about every little things. Well, this week I entered a new level of pregnancy experience -- false labor. It started Friday but it was not that bad. By Saturday evening, the pain or soreness in my lower abdomen at times becomes unbearable. It progressed to the sides and upper part of my uterus, but no back pain. Getting up from chair and walking become dreaded chores. My husband does not want me using the stair when he's not home for fear of a fall. I did not want to call the OB-Gyn last weekend because the baby is moving just fine (and I do not want to end up to the emergency department again). I called a friend then my sister to ask them on their labor experiences. Both have different experiences than mine. The pain and contraction dissipate with positional changes. I was able to have a goodnight sleep, believe it or not, that Saturday night possibly due to exhaustion from soreness, overflowing toilet and worrying. I talked to the nurse this morning and she said that I am having false labor and unfortunately could go on for days....No one told me that false labor can be this painful . I cannot wait for the L & D day....

Upadate: Baby boy is about 8.5 lbs as of last Wed.
To pass time: I am listening to chick flick Summer Affair (hope it's good) , reading Oprah magazine, and catching up with This American Life podcast.