Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Short for time

My life has been so hectic lately. I started work again. I have the old job back but I only work 2 weekends a month. Okay, my boss wants me to help out more because they are so busy lately as one therapist transferred to a teaching job and one in maternity leave. My husband and I have had no off day together in a while. So, the housework piles up. My baby recently decided that he would not nap unless he is on a lap or leaning on some one's shoulder. When he's awake he wants a human within his visual field at all times.

Right now, I have exactly 17 minutes before I need to pump milk and I tell you it is such a luxury to be able to write in this blog again. Earlier this week I had so much ideas on what to blog but I cannot think of any right now except the present.

I am thinking that I am such a lucky girl; that I never been so happy in my life. Yeah, I have less money and time but having a baby who depends on me for his existence and in return, paying with me with his giggles and trust is priceless.

The red dot on his right eyebrow was his first bump.