Sunday, June 22, 2008

Slob Confession

Yes, I admit I am a slob. Take note, not dirty but a slob. Sometimes I wish I could be more prim and proper and more organized. It's just that my nature is the opposite. I envy people who work in an office because they can dress up nicely and look professional. You see I do not need to dress up for my job. All I need to wear are shirt with Mercy logo and black pair of scrub pants . I don't even wear make-up or fix my hair nicely. Okay, that's laziness in my part. A lot of times I feel why bother when I just get dirty in my work. My poor husband, he has not seen me dolled up for quite a while!
It's not just in my physical appearance; my car is also a mess! I spend most of my working day in my car. I eat my lunch and do my computer work there. So, it is full of crumbs from my perpetual peanut butter sandwich lunch, papers, pens, paper clips, walkers, restorator, and other things I use for work. My husband suggested to use a crate but it did not help. It's even difficult to haul groceries as there is no room for it in my poor car. Also, I am the cause of why the left tail lights in both of our cars are broken! Please check out pictures.

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