Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rocky Mountain Vacation

These are just some of the highlights of our Rocky Mountain National Park vacation:
  • Driving about 700 miles one way and trying to stay awake by listening to books on CD's.
  • Driving through the entire length of southern part of Nebraska.
  • Driving through curvaceous roads surrounded by delicate rocky mountains.
  • Finishing the 3-day planned camping trip.

  • Telling ghost stories and playing UNO in the tent while waiting to fall asleep.
  • Using a bucket as a commode as we were too afraid to walk outside our tent in the middle of the night for fear of encountering a bear.
  • Having a nice mountainous view to see 1st thing in the morning.
  • View from our tent.

  • Cooking by using woods and small gas grill. Next time, we'll invest on stove.
  • Hiking uphill and arriving in our lake destinations.

  • Admiring the beautiful and the mountainous terrain of the Park.
  • Dream Lake

  • Shopping in Estes Park for souvenirs and food.
  • Estes Park

  • Breathing in the fresh, cool mountain air.
  • Driving to the comfort station (as we were too fatigued to walk) to wash our dishes and brush our teeth. Next time, we should specify a campsite closer to the comfort station. Bathroom is not the same as comfort station as we learned. Bathrooms typically do not have running water. It is like a port-a-pot. Water stations are usually by the bathrooms but you are not allowed to do any washing there to prevent contamination; it is only for drinking water. You can do dishes in your site but you have to throw the gray water in a designated area, so bears will not smell food.
  • Meeting nice people whom we will most likely never see again.
  • Surviving a hail storm and learning our lesson to dress in layers and bring a poncho or even start earlier in the day as it storm most likely in the afternoon.

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Susan said...

Hi Loraine & Jason, we're happy to see your beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing :-)