Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's next?

Life...What to do next? Jason and I are brainstorming on what we have to do next in our life? We decided to live life fully no matter what! Our miscarriage was a set-back but it also gave us an opportunity for inventory of endless possibilities ahead of us.

First, we plan to try to get pregnant and stay pregnant again. Yes, you read me right. Despite the pain that we feel right now due to the recent loss, we feel that it is important for us to to do our best to have children. Sometimes we wonder where this strong desire came from. As we all know, children are big responsibilities. They change your life completely. Everything tangible will be lesser like time for each other, money, spontaneity and carefree days. Also, we look at the current status of the world. Do we really need to bring another human being to inherit this dangerous and warming world? However, I still feel this almost painful desire to have a child. We sometimes wonder is it because having children seems to elude us or is it biology. This experience humbles us in ways we never imagine.

To be continued....


Makis said...

Hi Malor! Thanks for passing by my blog. I really don't know what to say since I really haven't experienced this kind of loss. I think it all boils down to hope, so keep it up :)

I don't know if you really like reading related topics but you might want to take a look at this one too: - they complied a lot of topics in this one blog.

Hope you get to be on the other side soon :) And if you just need to talk, you can send me an email at

coleena said...
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coleena said...

Posted 09/21/2008 10:47 pm
Hi Lorraine! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment on my blog. I didn't know that you have one too. You could pretty much guess what I had been reading in the past half hour or so...:)

Let me give you a hug first before I tell you a story...>:D<, i do not know how many miscarriages you had but my co-worker had 5 miscarriages before they were sucessful on the 6th try...their son is now in first or second grade, very handsome and intelligent.

I applaud you and your husband's decision to keep trying no matter what. That in itself takes a lot of courage and not many people have that in them. I can see that you draw a lot of strength from each other so hang in there Lorraine. When no rhyme nor reason can make us understand the why's of life, it is that very moment when we need to be still and let GOD be GOD. HE knows your hurting inside and HE knows your deepest desire, and HE knows what He's doing. When we were in college, all my books had the phrase "GOD is always in control". He still is.

Take care and Keep in touch!

tintin said...

Hello there. This is pinayhekmi. I am so sorry to hear about yoru miscarriage. I wish you good luck and all the best in your efforts for another baby.