Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Short for time

My life has been so hectic lately. I started work again. I have the old job back but I only work 2 weekends a month. Okay, my boss wants me to help out more because they are so busy lately as one therapist transferred to a teaching job and one in maternity leave. My husband and I have had no off day together in a while. So, the housework piles up. My baby recently decided that he would not nap unless he is on a lap or leaning on some one's shoulder. When he's awake he wants a human within his visual field at all times.

Right now, I have exactly 17 minutes before I need to pump milk and I tell you it is such a luxury to be able to write in this blog again. Earlier this week I had so much ideas on what to blog but I cannot think of any right now except the present.

I am thinking that I am such a lucky girl; that I never been so happy in my life. Yeah, I have less money and time but having a baby who depends on me for his existence and in return, paying with me with his giggles and trust is priceless.

The red dot on his right eyebrow was his first bump.


geri said...

He's gorgeous! Don't worry you'll get more time as he gets older, esp when he's done with breastfeeding - you'll be amazed how it frees up your sked. Bumps are heartbreakers for moms even if for other people it can hardly be seen =)

malor said...

Thanks Geri. I was so mad at my husbaand when this happened but I was told he will have more those bumps.

About breastfeeding, I am lucky to be able to do it this long. It would be easier to just give him formula but it felt so good to give him breastmilk bec. I know it is best for him.

kala said...

You ARE a lucky girl, that I can tell you. He's grown up so much! He is soooooo cute. You're doing a great job, and glad you're still sticking with the breastfeeding!

geri said...

Malor, yeah he will be getting a lot of bumps esp when he's learning how to walk stage, that was the hardest for me. I also got a lot of other moms telling me to get used to the bumps and bruises =)

Don't get me wrong, I am happy that you got this far with breastfeeding, you are a great mom to do that. Much as I also had a hard time with it I actually dreaded the day when I would have to stop breastfeeding Evan, so I know how you feel. If I had read Michael Pollan's book when Evan was still a baby, I wouldn't be sure if I would have relied on formulas at all.

Keep up the good work mommy! =)

Makis said...

Ben is looking great! That is such a wonderful smile :)

malor said...

@Kala. Thanks. I have no choice bec. benji decided that he does not like formula anymore. I tried to give him formula before I started working but he just turn his head and say "Aaah." I tried different brands but to no luck. We will be in trouble when I dry up.
@Geri. I did not take it wrong. I am just sharing my breastfeeding thing. I am not finished with that book yet. Ha.ha.

@Makis. Thanks. Nice hearing from you again.

Cristina said...

i never knew the real meaning of unconditional love until the kids.somebody once said...there is no better Zen master as child with all their childish ways. we are truly blessed.