Saturday, January 6, 2018


I had this premonition tonight that I might not have a reason to go back to Fort Dodge. Fort Dodge, the place where I started my life in the United States.  My first job.  My first apartment.  I met my husband there.  We got married there.  And I met Flora there.  I am not fond of the place itself.  It has no oriental store.  It has a mall that is slowly and painfully dying.  There is no Vietnamese restaurant.  But it holds a place in my heart.  Mainly because of Flora.  And I learned today, she passed away.  My heart is broken.  Flora, the lady who invited   me to church.  Who introduced me to pot roast and mashed potato dinners.  Who allowed me to use her car so I could get a driver's license.  Who invited me  to her family holiday get-togethers. Who treated me like a daughter. Who stood as a witness for me and my husband on our wedding day.   I knew someday that there is no reason to go back to Fort Dodge.  I never thought it would be this soon...

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