Sunday, April 27, 2008


We are not alone. One out of 6 American couple experiences infertility and spend billions of dollar annually in treatment.

We started halfheartedly trying to conceive in the fall of 2005. I have had 3 miscarriages and waited almost a year after the last miscarriage to see a reproductive endocrinologist. The doctor told me that I have polycystic ovary. So, that explained my hirsutism. I thought it just runs in my family. Also, I was checked by my regular gynecologists about this. I gave more than several drops of my blood to be checked for this. I was told twice that everything is within normal limits. Really? So, why I keep losing these babies?

Now, I am coming to the the dreaded age of 30 and 5. It is the cutoff age according to literature of less easier conception. According to statistic that by her mid- to late-30's, a woman's chance of conceiving is 17.5 percent compared to 25 percent in her mid- 20's. If I only knew, I could have tried a little earlier. To hell with building a career and retirement accounts. I am finding myself in a panic mode -- unable to sleep the night before my doctor's appointment; worrying about menstrual cycle; only books I am reading are about infertility. "You have to relax," my husband frequently tells me. Easy for him to say, he can make babies way in his 70's. Not fair! I am in the stage of lusting for baby. I get to have one! He'll try to calm me by saying "You'll be a good mother." Turning my head and looking him in the eye I'll ask "You think so?" He always replies "Yes." This, my readers, always work for me.


Makis said...

Found the answer to my questions :) I have to say that you've been through a lot more than I did with infertility. Having miscariages is even worse. I really hope it will end up in a bundle of joy :)

Makis said...

Forgot to share with you this jewel site: - in within the site, you'd find references & links. That is, if you're not fed up reading & researching :)