Wednesday, April 30, 2008

give you the finger

I surprised myself many times now. I have a temper. It comes out when I am driving. I thought I was a goody-two-shoes kind of gal. I am not. Far from it.

I was driving home in the east side of Des Moines from seeing my last patient. It was about 4 PM. Traffic is starting to get heavier. So, I was driving south in E 38th when I noticed a blue volkswagen beetle car circa 1980's with loud engine tailing me. We arrived in the intersection of E 38th and Easton and I had to turn left. There was a STOP sign. I waited for several secs to turn left as traffic was heavy and cars were speeding. Then, I heard this engine roared behind me. He cannot wait! It startled me and made me so mad. I cannot stop myself from opening the car window, sticking out my left arm as far up as I can and gave him the finger. He distanced himself from me after that.

I did not feel good at all after that. I shuddered at the reality of me being capable of road rage. I am not a perfect driver either. I used cell phone, looked at my computer, ate lunch even read a map with audiobook in the background while driving. I am an accident waiting to happen. I will try to be careful next time.

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