Friday, July 10, 2009

22 weeks + anxiety.

This is not a good week for me. For one, I am having difficulty sleeping at night. Insomnia sucks. My husband is affected too; and this makes me guilty which in turn adds to my stress. I am stressed that this is affecting my baby. I tried different things like drinking milk at bedtime, no napping at daytime, etc. to no avail. Then, this morning, I felt some lower abdominal cramping after repositioning. It is mild but intermittent. It could probably just gas (which I have lots of those lately). I called the doctor this morning. I talked to the nurse and she told me that it is a growing pain but call again if it becomes worst and more frequent in duration.

I am really tempted to rent those Doppler ultrasound!


Makis said...

I'm sure it's nothing serious! I know it can be stressful but easier said than done, try not to be! Maybe when you feel some anxiety again, you can just lay down & talk to your baby :)

malor said...

I think I need to talk more to my baby. Thanks, Makis..