Friday, July 17, 2009

23 weeks

How I feel? Sour after-taste with every food I eat. Continues to have some mild abdominal crampings due to flatulence. Lower abdominal sharp pains from round ligament especially when moving too fast. Nose bleeding. Hemorrhoids. Hearty appetite. Insomnia. Urinary frequency.

New worry? My baby was silent or sedentary than normal for couple of days.

Activities? Garage saling for baby stuff. Knitting baby hats and socks while listening to audio books. I am living a sedentary lifestyle. Doctor's appointment on Monday, July 20 for glucose tolerance test. Still scared of appointments for fear of finding something wrong with the pregnancy. My co-worker, Barb, visited me this week. Nice to talk to someone other than my husband and parents. Watching Will & Grace DVD (courtesy of Netflix).

Need to finish? I need to complete at least 15 continuing education hours to renew my RN licensure. I was audited the last time and will be audited again this year.

Recent accomplishment? Finishing the required 40 hours continuing education hours (per 2 years) for renewing my PT license in the State of IA. I think IA requires too much continuing ed. Finishing some knitting projects (will post next time).

Plan? Plan to sew a diaper bag. Rent a Doppler monitor. Write letters to my friend Flora and co-worker Sarah. Listen more to classical music for my baby's sake.

Favorite thing ? Feeling my baby's movements.

Surprise to know? I am not interested in watching TV at all.

I decided to enjoy this pregnancy, no matter what!

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Makis said...

You're such a busy preggy! And yes, do enjoy your pregnancy!