Monday, September 14, 2009

32 weeks Update

They said that after the 1st trimester the success of pregnancy jumped to 90 percent. But there's that 10 percent chance something wrong could happen. I am fixated at that 10 percent chance. Anyway, as my pregnancy progresses and the more I feel the baby moves, the more confident I get. So far, we bought some big ticket items such as co-sleeper bassinet and travel system (stroller with infant car seat). I still don't have the heart to get them out of the box, though. And every time I buy something for the baby, I check their return policy. Okay, I still have 8 weeks to go, so the return policy needs to be within 90 days. Oh, it is driving me crazy. I am just glad that we got lots of clothes from garage sales, my sister and recently from a good friend who (thankfully) also loaned me her breast pump which could cost 300 dollars. I also find myself more motivated to do baby shopping when baby is active. Yes, my shopping mood depends on kicks and nudges from this little human being.

Anyway, right now, it seems like pregnancy is just doing wonderfully. I'm still obsessed on baby's movements as my baby is unpredictable and most of the time changes his schedule when to be active. We will have another ultrasound next week to find out how big and heavy the baby due to my gestational diabetes. My concern now is that I have not really gained weight for about 5 weeks now probably due to change in diet. I expressed that concern to the doctor and she said it happens once a woman starts eating better after diagnosis of gestational diabetes. However, I already gained total of 20 lbs since the onset of pregnancy (most of it was gained the 1st half of pregnancy). Not bad considering I"m at the overweight side of the scale.

For now we still have some decisions to make. The biggest thing is regarding circumcision. It will be for the next posting.


Makis said...

I hope you'll get a more positive spirit :) You'll see your baby soon!

lesharmels said...

hi loraine. was exactly the same thing when i had the twins. I used to tap my tummy lightly to encourage movement from them, crazy mummy noh?!

Regarding circumcision, i wanted Ben to be circumcised right after birth, but since he was in the incubator with tubes attached everywhere, i didn't have the heart to let the doc cut him up. i feel it would be too cruel on my part to do that. i geuss he will have to wait until he is seven then.


malor said...

Makis, I am excited to see him.
Madie, I am a crazy mommy too. I am obsessed with movements. I can understand your feeling regarding circumcising Ben, I would not do it too, in that circumstance.