Thursday, September 24, 2009

33rd week

I planned to post the most recent ultrasound but due to my bulging belly, unsteady knees and hips as well as low location of our scanner, I would not dare it.

Anyway, baby is now 6 lb weight. Everything is within normal limit said the doctor. Although, I have a high normal amount of amniotic fluid possibly due to my GD. I have to be more consistent with my blood sugar level she told me. I, now, have to see doctor every week.

Anyhow, I was worried that the umbilical cord is around baby's neck. The ultrasonographer kindly checked on that and she reported that no cord around neck was found. We saw his face and he is definitely getting chubbier. He pouted his lips when being prodded to move so his head circumference can be measured.

Well, we still have some things to do and some decisions to make.

1. We need to look for a pediatrician.
2. Still wavering on Circumcision idea. We asked our doctor about it and she said that in developed country there is no medical need for it. It is mostly social reason. So, we might pass on circumcision. No additional trauma needed.
3. We have t0 wash couple more times our pre-fold diapers. Yes, we decided to use cloth diapers due to environmental, monetary and health reasons. We still bought "more earth friendly" disposables in case of emergency or when going out. Initially, I was overwhelmed by the options when it comes to cloth diapering. We came a long way from just a "lampin" (flat diaper) and pins. Now there are so many options for pre-folds materials (chinese vs. indian cotton. vs bird's eye), diaper covers (PUL, fleece, wool), pocket or all-in-one. We decided on combination of pre-folds (indian cotton), PUL cover (cheaper), and all-in-one's. We'll see what works better.
4. I need to find alternative shift for my job. We decided not to place baby in daycare for a while but my husband and I need to find ways to do it. I'm supposed to go back on Dec. 22. I am already dreading the idea of leaving him. Good luck to us.
5. I need to read the manual for the breast pump.
6. We need to attend a birthing class.
7. Review infant CPR. It is always confusing as they change protocols every couple of years.

That's all I can remember for now. For sure something will come up. So much things to learn.


Caroline said...

Hi Midwesternpinay,

That's really awesome about the cloth diapers. That does make a huge impact on the environment for the better.

About circumcision- you have an informed doctor. It is true, that while circumcision is traditional in the Philippines, it is often done in the United States for purely "look like dad" reasons.

Most men don't actually compare, though. You are right- circumcision of infants is traumatic, and they feel just as much pain as an adult does, only without adequate pain relief.

Here is a really good video about circumcision that I think you'll enjoy, (if you're not averse to some adult language and content)

Penn and Teller's Bullshit: Circumcision

Take care,

Makis said...

I'm really happy everything is going well, Loraine! Saty safe & be well :)

Caroline, thanks for the link on the show Bullshit on circumcision. I found Penn really funny :)

malor said...

Hi Caroline, Thanks for the info re: circumcision. I watched it and it convinced me and my husband to forego circumcision. When I was in nursing school, I watched this being done. I cannot forget it. The baby was just given acetaminophen (tylenol), was strapped. The baby was crying and terrified that he sprayed pee all over. He was injecte with lidocaine which is also painful. I still remember it so vividly.
Thank you again.

Makis, Thanks for not being tired of reading about my anxiety with this pregnancy. You've been my constant cheerleader.

geri said...

Loraine, if for whatever reason you are going to do the circumcision, just want to let you know that taking care of my son's part was minimal and he was healed in less than a week.

Evan had his cord around his chest when he was born but you know looking back 3 years ago both hardly make an impact on me now. It's like you do eventually forget things like this.

That's great about your decision to do cloth diapers but during the first weeks of infant care don't hesitate to use disposables too - if it means saving you strength and giving you more time to rest (you are going to be changing diapers at least 16 times a day, I think!).

Please take a breastfeeding class (if you are planning to nurse your baby). I wish I did. We did Lamaze instead and never used in the lessons hehehe.

Good luck and congratulations!!!!

malor said...

Hi Geri, Thanks for the tips. God knowss I really need it. We enrolled in the hospital for birthing class. It does not say if it is Lamaze. I should ask....

aina said...

Hi Loraine! Just passed by ur blog. Good to know you & benj are doing well. Keep it up! :) You're still with me in my prayers

Ed said...


I wish you luck on the cloth diapers. We made that decision too and it lasted all of about three days. Like Geri said, 16 diapers a day equals a lot of washing clothes especially at a time when time is so precious. I'm glad that we had a couple boxes of diapers bought ahead of time. In the end, we never did use the cloth diapers. We made the choice that our damage to the environment (which we make up in other ways) and investment of time wasn't worth spending two more days of week doing laundry.

We ended up leaving the little one at a daycare after three months. It was a hard thing to do for sure but we definitely see the results when compared to other children who have stayed at home the entire time. Daycare allows the social aspects of children develop faster. We are now reaping those rewards after three years.

Don't skimp on the breast pump. We did and regretted it almost immediately. We went to a medical supply store and bought a different one and it was a world of difference as to time involved in extracting the milk and ease of doing so. Most insurance plans will reimburse you for the breast pump. Ours did all $300.

We both thought Lamaze class was worthless. We found the general teachings on what will happen once you are admitted, general babycare instructions, etc. a lot more practical.

The Happiest Baby book that someone gave us was worth its weight in gold. Since then we always give it to any friend of ours who is expecting. If you don't have it, rent a version, check it out at your library or buy one. Worth every penny and then some.

malor said...

aina, thanks.
Ed, We bought couple of big packages of dsposables too. Right now we are still in this "la-la" stage and not in reality yet. I am not at all opposed to using disposable if it would help our sanity. I saw the Happiest Baby DVD thru a friend and I think would like to have it too. I have not looked at any daycare yet. I have not made any decision if I will go back full or part-time. Financially, I know I need to go back FT. Mercy has an in-house daycare. I think it is worth looking at. So many decisions and many things to learn...Thanks for the help...I need it.

Madie said...

I have the happiest baby book too...and it really works!

The hub bought me an expensive breast pump that went pffft after a few days use so i switched to the basic pump and it worked wonderfully for me.

I tried using clothes diapers too...but with the twins it was just too much work. so we totally abandoned the idea after a day or two.

few more weeks, hang in there loraine!

malor said...

Madie, I cannot imagine taking care of twins...I plan to buy a handheld breast pump per my friend's recommendation. I will hang on Madie, Thanks...

geri said...

Oh, how can I forget about "The Happiest Baby" book! The four S's. Evan loved his swaddle! I think we swaddled him until he was 5 months old.

I got the Medela (3rd hand from an officemate) double breast pump (which cuts your time in half, 10 minutes instead of 20, I used it 3 times in the office!). It worked great although there were many times I wished I had the ones that frees your hands to hold a magazine or book and turn the page.

Read and figure out the manual of whatever breast pump before the baby comes. You'll be tired and in a fog that it will read like greek to you.

In case of future emergency (I needed to bottlefeed Evan at 2 weeks since I got an infection and take medicine not suited for breastfeeding), find out how to sterilize bottles, how to mix formula, what water to use before the baby comes. Better, sterilize the bottles and breat pump paraphenalia now.

One thing I also wished I got was a Maclaren stroller, it's wider and more comfortable for a 2 year old in winter coat. Our Jeep umbrella stoller is a lot narrower. Also most umbrella stroller is only up to 35 pounds (Evan can't use them at 3 years old) while Maclaren is up to 55 pounds. I am now debating if I should get a Maclaren or not since our stroller was in the car when it got stolen.

Ok, good luck. Exciting!

Ed said...

I just wanted to add our pump was a Medela too and I highly recommend it. The one we bought at Target was a hunk of junk and lasted for about two weeks before it broke.

geri said...

Also (ang kulit ko no?), are you parents going to help you out? If not, have a babysitter's number ready just in case.