Monday, November 2, 2009

39th week

Throughout my pregnancy (so far), I complained and I bitched (sorry for my French) about every little things. Well, this week I entered a new level of pregnancy experience -- false labor. It started Friday but it was not that bad. By Saturday evening, the pain or soreness in my lower abdomen at times becomes unbearable. It progressed to the sides and upper part of my uterus, but no back pain. Getting up from chair and walking become dreaded chores. My husband does not want me using the stair when he's not home for fear of a fall. I did not want to call the OB-Gyn last weekend because the baby is moving just fine (and I do not want to end up to the emergency department again). I called a friend then my sister to ask them on their labor experiences. Both have different experiences than mine. The pain and contraction dissipate with positional changes. I was able to have a goodnight sleep, believe it or not, that Saturday night possibly due to exhaustion from soreness, overflowing toilet and worrying. I talked to the nurse this morning and she said that I am having false labor and unfortunately could go on for days....No one told me that false labor can be this painful . I cannot wait for the L & D day....

Upadate: Baby boy is about 8.5 lbs as of last Wed.
To pass time: I am listening to chick flick Summer Affair (hope it's good) , reading Oprah magazine, and catching up with This American Life podcast.


Ed said...

My wife never did have any false labor but did have trouble getting comfortable especially at night. Lots of trips to the bathroom.

Our experience began with her water just breaking late one evening while we were asleep. It was only when we were on the drive to the hospital that the labor pains actually began. I should see if I still have those posts so that you can read them if you wish. It still seems like only yesterday.

Ed said...

Here are some of the posts:

The Day Before
How We Spent the Day
The Birth
Update 1
Update 2
Hospital Time Is Slow Time

It certainly was a wild ride but one that we look back upon fondly. Hope your delivery goes well!

geri said...

I did have false labor the week before had my delivery and I think I did call in sick...

I had to go back and check on my entry and yes, I did call in "sick". My memory is terrible. Here are my entries the weeks before delivery, just in case you want something else to read. I really should print them out. It makes me happy that I was already before I had Evan, that I have it recorded. Just like what you are doing no! :)

This is a very exciting time for you.

geri said...

Ooops. Here it is:

kala said...

I didn't have false labour, but false hopes. At 38 weeks the doctor insisted they induce labour. I showed up at the hospital the first time, but they sent me home because there wasn't any room available (WTF right?). The second time, I showed up again and they told me that hey, they didn't have to induce labour after all and sent me home.

I was so pissed off that I was back at the hospital after 3 hours. And another 3 hours later I gave birth!

Contractions are a pain. I hope they give you your epidural quickly! I don't mean to scare you, but don't lose hope during the sleepless nights. Here's hoping your baby will be more zen than my baby, The Colic Nightmare Girl.

malor said...

Hi Ed, I read your entries regarding your L&D and little Abbey's stay in the NICU. You really have a story to tell. I am glad that everything turned out okay. I wonder, what happened to the bananas? (just joking). Mrs. Abbey(and you) are troopers. I wish my water will just break so I can just go to the hospital.

Hi Geri, You are a trooper. I read your entries regarding L&D. Evan is so cute. The food that they gave you postpartum looked deliscious. I am glad I am not alone with this false labor thing. Thanks for sharing. It's been helpful to know what to expect.

Hi Kala, I was told by the doctor that I could be induced too if my labor will not start. I was 0 dilated as of last Wed. but the baby is getting too big due to GD. But he told me that they will induce me if there will be an open bed in the hospital. I don't really understand it. Anyway, I'll be back to see the doctor this coming Friday and I will pressure him to schedule me for induction bec. my due date is this coming Sunday. I cannot walk anymore. I feel so much pressure in my groin and pubis. Thanks for wishing that my baby will be zen. I am gald that your baby is healthy.

Ed said...

Most of the bananas were eaten but a couple ended up in the trash. It's funny but so many people brought us fruits and other foods during out ten days in the hospital that we could have seriously opened up a small grocery store.

Wishing you a good delivery!

Makis said...

Almost there, Loraine! Wishing you a safe delivery!