Saturday, November 7, 2009

39th/40th week. Last prenatal post (hopefully)

I had my last prenatal check-up yesterday. Biophysical profile and non-stress test showed baby is doing just fine. However, despite the pressure in my pelvic floor and groin, I am not dilated yet. Nada. Zip. Not a squat. The doctor said that the baby is stuck higher in my pelvis. He estimated that the baby is now over 9 lbs. and cannot descend anymore. He could induce me and pump my vein with Pitocin but it would be a futile attempt. The best scenario with inducement is that my baby will be born with shoulder dystocia -- causing dislocated shoulder and/or fractured collar bone. It is inevitable that I would undergo C-section due to my small pelvis and gestational diabetes causing baby to be large. I did not need too much convincing. I am ready to get this boy out. The soreness in my groin is becoming too unbearable that I need assistance to initiate walking. I am scheduled to have C-section this coming Monday, Nov. 9, at 1245 PM, unless I start laboring before that.

So, I will be out of commission for few days. Thanks for all the support and sharing. You made my 9 1/2 months passed so much quicker.


Ed said...

I hope you had a healthy baby by now! Get in touch if you need anything.

Makis said...

Can't wait to see photos, Loraine! I'm sure all went well.