Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I should not be here blogging because we are so busy preparing for our road trip to Connecticut to visit my sister and her family this coming Thursday, but this is a release for me.

Oh yeah, we also plan to go to NYC. It's been 10 years this month the last time we were in NYC. It was April 2000 -- we were not married yet and the Twin Towers were still standing. How things change! In any case, I am very excited. The drive, according to Google map, should be about 19 hours. It will be longer than that for us because of the baby. We have to stop frequently for feeding and diaper change. Outside of Cleveland, Ohio is our planned overnight stay. We hope to make it in Cleveland before midnight.


We have new neighbors. I think there are 2 families who moved in that house next door. One couple is older; the other ones younger with a baby. We met them briefly one day last week. Benji was fussy that time. The older man talked to me but I cannot hear him that well. I thought he asked me when we had Benji, so, I told him November. I excused myself after that because Benji decided to cry louder. Jason took over in conversing with them. Before I left to go inside our house, the younger woman invited us to her baby's first birthday which was last Saturday.

I worked last Saturday. When I came home, I told Jason that I cannot go because of computer work. Jason was torn if he wants to go or not. Anyway, because we wanted to be friendly with our new neighbors, he decided to stopped by briefly with Benji. Upon return, my husband told me what happened there.

Our older lady neighbor introduced him and Benji as "This is our neighbor with his adopted son." Jason was stunned by this. Was it an assumption? Perhaps. Nevertheless, it was, according to Jason, very awkward. He doesn't know what to say after that. The thing is he was introduced to a crowd. He said "If it was just one person, I could easily correct her!" He eventually told her the "fact" in private. So, if we don't get any invitation next time, we know the reason. Ha ha ha!


My mother and I with Benji went to the Filipino Store in the South side of Des Moines. We were the only customers that time. The owner who is very friendly approached us to look at the baby. She said the baby is cute and asked me if the father is Chinese. I said no, he's an American. She quickly said after I told her that she can see it now after looking at the baby's nose because it is not pug.


Poor Benji. There will be more situations similar to these for him because he's a mixed race. It's not that bad. Really.


Makis said...

Some people are really so insensitive & are so sure about everything! Your husband did the right thing by still letting them know. Some people really assume too much & believe it is the truth. Sorr, I was bit affected by that! LOL! Enjoy your holidays, Loraine!

Ed said...

Not every American/Filipino child has a non-pug nose. I have a nearly four year old daughter as proof. Her nose is most definitely like her mother.

On the other hand, American/Filipino children all seem exceptionally cute as a rule. Our genetics mix well in that aspect.

malor said...

@Makis. Nice hearing from you. I am meaning to e-mail you but just did not have time nor the words because of the baby. Hope everything is well. I think about you. About people who assume, I'm used to them. I do it too. Most of the time it is wrong. Thanks for your empathy.

@Ed, I agree with you. I thought my baby's nose is pug, too. I think it depends on who's looking. I agree with you that Fil-Am combi kids are pretty darn cute. I'm biased. LOL!

haze said...

Nice job, husband finally had to lay it on the line ! There will always be people with ethical problems so never let them intimidate you !

Have fun and take pictures :D !

PhilippinesPhil said...

"...Coz the baby's nose is not pug!" That is so funny, that someone would say such a thing. A bit of a stunner right?

I've fathered six kids with Filipinas. I may be biased but I think they are all pretty good look'n. And all of em have my pointy little nose, not that I've ever given much mind to it. I'm much happier knowing that all six are such sweet human beings; for that, they took after their moms. Thank God.