Friday, March 9, 2012

28th Month

Today he turned 28th month.  I realized we haven't been  updating his baby book for quite a while.  I neglected to record his height and weight since he turned 9 month.  I don't even remember when his first molar appeared.  Oh well, at least, I kept his hair from his first haircut.

What can I say about Benji? 

He spits.  He curses.  He hits.  At least now, he stopped biting.  Yes, he is the epitome of bad behavior. Many times he embarrasses me in public. He could throw a tantrum wherever. He had broken items in the store (good thing they don't have us pay for those except  in oriental store where he broke a bottle of soy sauce).  At times, he is just too quick and strong for us.  He likes the attention of other people but gets shy once he gets it. His favorite pick-up  or attention-getting line is Iowa Public Television Foundation (you could tell, we've been watching a lot of PBS lately.)  He only eats hamburger (with or without spaghetti sauce), cheese pizza, granola bar, cookies, Kix, snap pea crisp, candies (of course) and a blended concoction of mango, pears and spinach.  I threw all Dr. Sear's suggestions on nutrition because he is just too picky.  He needs to be coaxed to drink milk, even. 

Most kids (that I know) bring their blankets or soft toys in bed.  Benji would bring his hot wheel cars, tooth brushes, mouth swab,  ball of socks,   etc.  He can get so obsessive.  He inhales Altoids tin can  and dryer sheets  like a person addicted to cocaine or glue.  It is strange to see a toddler like that.  But I have to pick my battles.  It does not hurt him. Yet.

He could make our house looks like it's been ran sacked.   It takes him just few minutes to trash the house that took us hours to clean up.  To no avail, I teach him to bring his toys back to the bin and  his books back to the shelves.  We just give up cleaning.  He would also trash the library if given an opportunity.  He'd thrown books and CD's on the floor when he's bored.

Not all about him is bad.  He has developed by leaps and bounds since he was born.    He  loves to sing and hum nursery rhymes,  especially  Baa Baa Black Sheep.  A  month ago, he added ABC to his song list,  then 2 weeks ago The Farmer in the Dell.  I'm pretty sure he knows more songs than what I mentioned  here.   He also loves listening to  the Wiggles' Hot Potato and Fruit Salad.  He knows his capital letters (he's still learning small letters) and numbers 1 to 9 (he insists small L as 1).  He could count a little bit.  He knows his primary colors.  But he does not know  how to say Bye's and Thank yous.  He refuses to do it!

My husband's fear is that he will never get potty trained.  My fear is that he will not learn how to read.  Maybe, we should worry about his manners , huh?


geri said...

Malor, he's in his terrible twos alright =) Okay lang, cute naman hehehe We've all been there, don't worry. It's too early to worry about him not being potty trained on time or reading. Although Evan did know how to read before his 3rd birthday it was stagnant for a long time and didn't really take off until he was 4 1/2 years old (when I did that reading book). I would suggest that you slowly work in the phonics for Benj because it really is a good foundation for reading and spelling. Enjoy Benj for what he is right now, these days I would see moms with their toddler boys at Target and I would miss my toddler Evan - but not for very long though hahaha

Ed said...

Sounds like a normal child to me.

My daughter was finally potty trained at about 39 months. She used the adult potty one evening so matter of factly and then never wet her pants again.

Also, I started the book Geri has written about a few months after she blogged about it but our daughter never really got into it until she was five years old. Despite the late start compared to Evan, she is the most advanced reader in her class now according to her teacher. You still have plenty of time.

Trashing her room is still the norm for our daughter but I still make her pick it up now and then before we play some game she wants to play. She protests and whines but after ten minutes or so, she cleans up her toys and we play whatever game. Stick to your guns.

kala said...

Dude, I feel your pain. They're monsters at this point. I cross my fingers I'll get through this stage too, with my sanity intact, and FAST! Good luck to us :cry: