Friday, March 9, 2012

Rare Weekend Off

This is rare for us.  A full weekend with both my husband and I  off from work!

Our house is a mess.  Our yard is a mess.  I have an online class I need to finish before April 10.  He has things to do for his class.  We have loads of laundry.  We have a bathroom that needs to be remodeled.  I would like to change the vanity in our powder room.  I would like to bake.  I would like us to cook and consume all the frozen vegetables from last year's harvest.  I have books I want to read.  I would like to make up for lost sleep.    To top it all, we have a toddler who needs constant attention!

Maybe working on the weekends is not a bad thing  after all!

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Ed said...

No matter how busy life gets, we always make family first on weekends, everything else comes a distant second. We still clean, cook, etc. but they are always planned around some quality family time. Even if we don't get all the seconds done on our list we always get our full amount of family time.