Thursday, April 4, 2013


How to respond to anti-American comment?

I have a client from a Middle East country (I don't want to be specific) that is considered friendly to the US.  My client cannot speak any English but his brother has been vocal with his opinion.  He told me that he is rooting for North Korea.  He loves Korea.  He added that if China, Korea, Vietnam and all the Arab countries will have an alliance, they could bring down the US.  He does not like the US.

I don't know how to respond to this.  I cannot even fake a smile at all.

It is a mystery for me that a person can live in a country that he hates.  He has a choice and could go back to where he came from but why stay when you hate it so much?

I feel opposite of what he feels.  I am grateful to be in this country.  It gave me opportunity to move up socially.  I feel more loyalty to my adoptive country than my country of origin.  Many Filipinos will hate me due to this admission but that's the truth.  I don't root for the Philippine delegate in Ms. Universe.  I don't really root for anyone.  My opinion is  the reason they get to top 5 in recent years is due to economic reason.  It is well known (now) that Ms. Universe is very popular in the Philippines.  When I was living in the Philippines, life stopped during the live airing of Ms. Universe.  Filipinos love beauty contest.  Since Mr. Trump took over the organization, Filipinos get top spots.  Why?  Mr. Trump is no dummy.  He knows his audience.  He knows that pleasing his audience will keep them on watching  I don't  mean that Filipino women don't deserve to be in the top spots but the recent surge to the top is suspicious.  

I digress.  And I don't know how to end this posting.  But I learned that anti-Americanism is rampant even in its own backyard.   


Ed said...

When I'm around people like your client, I just ignore them. Their sole aim in life is to get a rise out of you and by denying them that, it takes the air out of their sails.

malor said...

@Ed, I think he is comfortable in telling me his opinion because I am a foreigner too. And I look pathetically harmless...