Thursday, April 11, 2013


When I was pregnant with Benji, I had high expectations.  He'll be smart, good looking, talented, etc.  All these high expectations went to pot immediately after he was born.  It's been tough these past 3 years.  Surviving is sometimes the only goal.  Don't get me wrong Benji is adorable but he's been a difficult toddler.  Right now, the only 2 things I want him to accomplish in his life (and I'll be the happiest mother) are reading and potty training.  Yes, I am an easy-to-please mother. 

I just want to share this video from Storycorps.  I wish, someday, Benji and I will have a conversation like this.  This video makes me cry.


Ed said...

On the reading, we bought The Reading Lesson which I highly recommend. I learned of that book from Geri and it gave our daughter a head start in reading and she is still the best in her class. Geri's son Evan learned to read from it before he was three I think but our daughter was quite a bit slower. She didn't really get into the book until she was about four and then she flew through it. So Benji is only 3 so he has plenty of time.

On potty training, we tried everything and nothing worked. We tried rewards, we had potty chairs that made music, we had inserts that you put into the toilet seat, we gave demonstrations and celebrated when our daughter was forced to sit on one until she actually went. Finally one day I asked her if she wanted to use the 'big potty' that we use (without the insert) and she nodded. So we put a little step for her to get up on top of it and she was potty trained from that second onward. That happened right before she turned three. I'm not sure why that was the case but I'm definitely going to try it with our second one as soon as she is old enough to climb up onto the big potty.

Good luck.

haze said...

Having 3 kids, I have discovered that children don't learn skills at the same pace. When I read articles about growth & developments of kids they always associate age brackets like they should be potty trained before 3 , or they should know how to read etc.

Potty training could be difficult and I have been there 3x. I saw what,how,when things changed from my eldest to my youngest, growth/changes/developments are not the same at all. I guess, we just need to be patient in everything, quite hard to do sometimes if we have many things to do at the same time.

Good luck Malor and don't worry Benji will be potty trained and he will say goodbye to diapers very soon :) !