Monday, January 19, 2009


Just a quick update on what's going on with me...

I got involved in two car accidents in less than a week!

I feel so relieved to get it out in the open. I thought I was a pretty good driver. It is such an awakening to realize that I am not. For now, I am extra careful with my driving. I follow the rules by the book. So, if ever I get into accident again I can proudly say ( if I survive) that it is not my fault!

I was so depress for a short time after the 2nd accident. The 1st accident was my fault; the 2nd one was weather related. But the 2nd one just brought me to the ground. I thought I have to quit my job and stop driving altogether. But that emotion passed and I decided to stay on because I have to pay for my mishaps. We have a thousand bucks for deductible and 800 bucks for the repair of the rental car that I damaged from the 2nd accident. Ouch! I have to tap my savings... Also, we are bracing for a raise in our car insurance premium. And, oh before I forgot I have to pay my traffic ticket for failing to yield to oncoming traffic. That's another 100 bucks.

I know I am still lucky that no one was hurt. So, for that, I am thankful..


joanne said...

Hi Loraine,
Ouch, paying those fines and repairs hurt. I know this is a cliche but thank goodness you're OK. Funny, I was just reading Geri's story about getting a ticket. Maybe I won't drive for a while:)

joanne said...

What I meant with cliche was...parting with money is a lot better than getting hurt in the accident. Leaving the accident with your well-being intact is NOT a cliche.

Anyway, you know what I'm trying to say... Can't seem to get my thoughts straight:)

malor said...

Hi, Joanne, I understand what you mean. It has been a tough winter here. Lots of accidents. I know a lady who wa in the accident and still in the hospital. I would not drive if I don't need to. It's just that my job is in homehealth and I have no choice for now. I need to be more careful, though.

coleena said...

hi Loraine,
I know how it feels to be involved in a vehicle-related accident. I have been in a couple of near misses and that was more than enough! I can't believe I was shaking like a leaf afterwards as in...di ko na inayos ang pag-park sa parking lot - I just wanted to leave the car then and there, throw the keys away, and run towards the shelter of my work are indeed blessed without any injuries, GOD is looking out for you!...thank GOD for these incidents because it tends to give us new perspectives, don't you think? GODBLESS!

Makis said...

Having close calls are terrifying! When driving is such a part of our daily routine, we sometimes forget that we should always be cautious even after years of experience. Glad that you're ok & nobody's hurt except your wallet :)

malor said...

Hi Coleen, Yiu described exactly how I feel. I feel truly blessed and looked out by God, even though I don't deserve it. He is so good.

Hi Makis, I know I take everything for granted when driving. I am becoming so careless. After 10 years of no accident, I never thought of it. It is truly an awakening.