Sunday, October 4, 2009

35th week.

it's sunday.

yesterday, emergency hospital visit.

another bout of spotting.

found to have contraction. was given terbutaline and iv fluids.

poked several times. lost of modesty.

otherwise, everything is fine.


geri said...

Hang in there Loraine! You're almost there!

Nebz said...

This is my first visit here. Nabasa ko ung snippets of your story. You're on your 7th month na pala? I'd be praying for your safe delivery. I believe you'll finally get your long-time wish.

malor said...

Geri, I am getting antsy for the D day but I hope baby will wait until he's full-term. Thanks for being one of my cheerleaders.

Nebz, Thanks. I need all the prayers I can get. I am really touched.

coleena said...

hey's been a while since I visited your lots of new stuff here!

I pray that everything is going well for you and don't worry, I will add you in our church's prayer list excited for you and your family...a little more patience friend!

I finally watched the movie Revolutionary Road...very very eye opener for me - an immigrant who came the land of milk and honey looking for the so called "american (canadian for me) dream".

Will talk more some other time...btw, glad to know you didn't take your blog down and glad to know that you haven't given up on the writing are one of my inspiration to take up my once upon a time reading/writing passion again...

keep in touch!

malor said...

Thanks coleen. I am so touched that people put my name for their list of prayers. I have not been to church for quite a while bec. of H1N1 scare. Anyway, Revolutionary road is kind of dark movie. I know some people will not like it or get offended by my recommendation. I'm gald that you like t.