Monday, October 19, 2009

37th week (Baby Shower)

I'm so touched by people who tirelessly support me through this pregnancy. My former co-workers from Mercy (yes, I'm officially jobless since middle of September) had planned this get together in a restaurant located in our town. I, honestly, expected fewer turn out because most people live on the west side of Des Moines (we're on the east side) and it was Sunday evening when most working people would like to unwind. I was pleasantly surprised to see more (than expected) familiar faces I haven't seen for months. Everyone is just rooting for me and my baby.

My Mercy family

Hubby and I


geri said...

Don't you just love baby showers? That's so great about your thoughtful and caring co-workers. I have observed people here are excited and thrilled about coming babies as much as we do in the Philippines too :)

malor said...

I know Geri. I am a little embarassed to be the center of attention but I love the gifts. he.he.

Makis said...

You're looking great, Loraine! I'm sure you're so excited for the very day we've all been waiting for :)