Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I was inspired by Filipinos in Europe who started blog sites chronicling their life and love in their new world. Actually, part of it is nosiness. Yeah, I am congenitally nosy (tsismosa). Well, there is not much for me to see in the Internet sometimes. My hubby and I used to go to the library to use computer. You have 1 hour to use the Internet sometimes 2, depending on how busy they are. Well, after checking my e-mail and news in the Philippines (mostly celebrity news), usually there were lots of time left. I just surfed. One day, I got to this site, I got hooked. They are slow though to have new topics. So, I just checked the contributors. Well, most of them have blog sites and their blog sites have links to other blog sites. Well, my nosiness kicked in and just started clicking and reading these people's life. My favorites are Anp, Kala, Ruth, Makis, Hazel, Apol and Analyse. It's funny because these people are in Europe but I feel like I know them and can relate to them. There are bloggers from the US but I did not get into it. What is it? Maybe I am just interested about life in Europe. I always want to see France and Italy. I told my hubby that I probably was an Italian in my previous life. I am also interested on anything French. I try to learn the language but it is just difficult. We actually planned to go to France this year but the dollar is weak. So, forget about it! I also tried to watch French movies. Well, some are good. Most are just strange. Anyway, back to the topic, the main reason I am blogging is just that I have this urge to keep in touch with my old friends. I am not a good communicator. My brain is bursting with ideas and opinions but realistically people get bored on listening to me go on and on. No one really want to hear it , except of course my hubby. Maybe, just maybe, this site will allow me to communicate more effectively.

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