Sunday, May 18, 2008


Jason, my husband, went to the bank yesterday. It was busy. He needed to go to the teller to pay our mortgage and talk to a banker to inquire regarding setting up for automatic bill payment. He needed to write his name in a sign up sheet as there were many people waiting to talk to bankers. So, he decided to write his name in the sign up sheet and then waited in line for the teller. He got done with the teller and sat down in one of chairs in the lobby where people were waiting for a banker . Then, this banker #1 came and looked at sign up sheet and called "Juan. Juan." No one stood up. Banker #1 ended up calling some other name as Juan did not show up. Jason is the only non-Hispanic person waiting. He had a feeling though that it was supposed to be him. How could it be? His handwriting was clear. Probably, there was a Juan. So, he waited a little longer and he was not called. He checked the list and his name was skipped. So, he approached banker #2 and told him that he was JUAN. He came home and told me this story. "Do I look like a Juan?" he asked animatedly. "No, far from it," I answered while looking at his brown hair, blue eyed, light skinned, 6 feet frame.

Assumption is never a good thing!

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