Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July

Fourth of July is my second favorite American holiday after Thanksgiving, especially when it falls on Friday or Monday which gives us 3-day weekend. Hurray!

This July 4th, we did not go for a picnic or a trip. We did not even see the firework which is almost in our backyard due to the fact that we live close to a casino and amusement park. Instead, we are inside the house and working in our bathroom. Our plan is to finish this lingering project this weekend, so, we could be free on Labor Day weekend (hopefully). We heard the loud explosions of the firework and at one time, caught the glimpse of the multicolored display of lights outside our window, but we were just too tired to go out and watch it. Our normally quiet street is lined by parked cars and we can hear laughter and jolly voices of people. And I am jealous!

"Next year, we will try to enjoy the 4th," I murmured to Jason when our eyes met while resting from vigorous sanding of drywalls.

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