Saturday, July 5, 2008

On Being 30 something

I am exhausted!

We spent our 4th of July weekend trying to finish our master bathroom remodelling project. Our goal was to do as much as we could, so we could enjoy the next weekend. We sanded the drywall, tiled, painted, installed a new toilet and put on trim. We did not really finish everything. The toilet is still leaking and we cannot figure out what's causing it. We tightened every nut and bolt and checked all the washers but we cannot figure out where it is coming from. Thank God that the leak is small and we could probably wait another day to figure that out. I am actually tempted to call a plumber but Jason told me to hold off.

It seems like my body gives out more easily now that I am in my thirties. I don't have the stamina that I used to have when I was younger. Then, when we first bought our house, we painted and installed a parquet wood floor in one bedroom on weekends and weekdays after work. Now, I could only do it during the weekend. This bathroom project will probably be the only project this year. I used to be more ambitious (or probably foolish) in planning projects. Reality sets in eventually! This year is the most physically active year for both of us since we got married but this is also the heaviest I've ever been in my life! Metabolism is slowing down but my appetite continues to be horse-like. I am also noticing a few wrinkles at the outer side of my eyes when I smile. They call it crow's feet. I am actually considering to have botox injection if it gets worse.

I am not in my best physical state in my 30's compared to my 20's. The good thing is that I am less conscious on how I look and I am more aware of what I want. I also feel more comfortable in my own skin and more confident which I lacked when I was younger. It is probably from experience. My life has not been easy but whose life is. Those hardships make me stronger, wiser and more interesting. I assume less frequently, accepting whatever gets in my way and act accordingly. I am more at peace to know that I am not special! Each one experiences success and trials. We are equal. I used to say "It sucks to be average." I thought if only I am extraordinarily intelligent or creative like Bill Gates or angelically kind like Mother Teresa, my life would be more fulfilling. Now, I think being average is good. There is less expectation. I don't mean mediocrity but just knowing my limits and being realistic on what I can do. Having no pretention is peaceful.

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