Saturday, July 12, 2008

On Being 30 something part 3

We seldom go to the mall these days. It was 7 mos since the last time. However, today after our early morning dental appointment and due to the fact I was just paid yesterday, I finally gave in to my shopping craving. We were in the mall for couple of hours but I came out empty handed. What happened? Well, aside from having more self- control, I found out that my size has increased and clothes just do not fit me well. I am actually thinking of liposuction, just in my midsection. Also, I found out that I am more picky with materials. I want clothes to be made of natural fibers and those clothes can cost you tons of money. I have no nerve to buy new clothes made of natural fiber in this new size because I am still hoping to lose weight (don't trump my hopes please).

I also found out that I read more the ingredients of processed foods and cosmetic products. I have conversation like this with my husband in store:
"What is this BHT?"
" Better not buy it if you don't know it."
"I found out that DMDM Hydantoin is made of formaldehyde. They use it in lotions and soaps as a preservative"
" Don't buy it then. We can get cancer from it."

To make long story short, we are limited on what we can buy from normal stores. We spend more money now as we are very particular in using natural products. We used to buy generic brand products but they do not suffice anymore. Is it because we have more buying power in our 30's or just more pretentious?

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