Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What a day!

I had a 3 day weekend. It was tough getting back to my routine at work. These are the things that happened today:

  • My co-worker's 25 year old son was killed last night. We don't know the detail yet. I feel so bad for her. I don't know which is worst -- losing a child whom you've had known already or having a miscarriage? Was I spared from this predicament?
  • One of my co-workers who is in maternity leave came to visit and brought her 11 week old baby girl. She is too cute! This stirred up mixed emotions - sadness for myself but genuinely happy for my co-worker. Weird!
  • I missed our bi-weekly staff meeting! Yehey!
  • 2 out of 6 patients cancelled and I ended up sorting papers on my desk. I found out that I had papers needing filing from 2 mos. ago. What a slob!
  • I found out that we will be going wireless starting today as the hospital is trying to save home health employees driving mileage. We do not need to go to the office anymore! I had a tutorial on how to use this. I felt so stupid as I don't know much about computer. Feeling like an imbecile!
  • Upon returning home, I found out my father cooked lumpia and it was very good. Cannot help over-eating! I need to exercise.
  • We were not able to do any exercise (again) as Jason and I took a long time to figure out on how to set up a tent. We were practicing this as we plan to camp in Colorado next month. Fun! Checkout pictures.
Jason trying to fit inflated air mattress in the tent.
Me checking out the inside of the tent.

Jason checking out the inside of the tent.

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