Monday, July 7, 2008

On Being 30 something Part 2

What should I do next to advance myself? I can go back to school to get a graduate degree but "of what?" is the big question. To go for my Doctorate degree for Physical Therapy is not really practical. It will not get me anywhere in terms of pay and position. Perhaps I could go to Public Health as I am both a nurse and a physical therapist, but I don't know if there is any opportunity for that kind of education. To go back to be a medical doctor? Forget about it as it requires me to be a full-time student and I would probably need to get some prerequisites, and it will take several years before it pays off. I found out that it is not that easy anymore to just drop my job and head back to school. I am not getting any younger and it is time to be serious about retirement. It would be difficult to make up for those years of no income. I could probably go to school part-time and still work. Do I really need that stress when I am trying to have a child? Everything changes when you reach this almost mid-thirty age. There is your biological clock ticking reminding you that it is now or never to pro-create. Time is not on my side. Women cannot really have it all at the same time.

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